Purchasing Division

The Town of Brookline purchases goods and services from registered vendors. Brookline Purchasing is your point of contact for all questions related to contracts and opportunities. Purchasing is committed to inclusion, and works to make it easier for small and diverse vendors to compete on town contracts. 

They partner with town departments to plan for upcoming procurements, and make certain that all eligible procurements follow the standards set under MGL 30. 

If you are interested in learning more about the process, visit their website below.

Brookline Purchasing Division

Building Department

The Brookline Building Department oversees the development and maintenance of all Town facilities. Town Building is committed to diversity and inclusion and encourages SDO-certified firms to learn more about the bidding process. Project administrators are actively looking for qualified diverse firms to bid on construction projects. 

These projects are complex and involve a mix of professional services, skilled trades, and contractors. The construction of public buildings is broken into two major categories, Vertical Construction and Horizontal Construction, each with different standards and requirements. The department follows the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance’s project standards, and works with DCAMM-certified firms. 

The Building Department follows all the relevant town, state, and federal purchasing guidelines, including MGL 30, MGL 149, and MGL 14A. Learn more about rules and regulations here. 

Brookline Building Department

Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works manages and oversees all aspects of physical space in the Town of Brookline. These include parks, open spaces, public ways, public lands, water distribution, solid waste, and trash collection. DPW contracts with design firms, professional service vendors, contractors, and others.

With such a wide range of responsibilities, the DPW is organized into divisions. The Engineering Division develops plans and procurements for town infrastructure and makes certain that town projects follow the relevant procurement and contract guidelines. 

DPW is committed to diversity and inclusion, and each DPW division strives to include women and minority-owned firms in their procurements. For new projects and contracts, DPW routinely partners with SDO certified firms, and encourages general contractors to partner with diverse subcontractors. 

Visit the Department of Public Works to Learn More. 

Brookline Department of Public Works

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